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We offer an integrated outsourcing solution to our clients by providing a broad range of services under a single umbrella. We are one company, one service provider and one point of contact for all our services; we provide one monthly invoice for everything we do. Our forward looking performance based facilities management services help reduce cost, improve service delivery and allow clients to focus on what really matters to their businesses. Our services are not core to our clients' businesses but vital to their effectiveness.



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Azul has been providing facilities management services for over six years. For organizations to enhance their performance and their brand, they need a facilities management partner with expertise that focuses on service delivery, cost, quality and efficiency.

We provide a broad and varied range of services to both the public and private sectors in Nigeria. These include major government agencies, corporate offices, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, business parks, airports, industrial plants, power facilities, restaurants, residential estates and luxury apartments. No matter how complex the requirement, Azul delivers.

We have the flexibility to provide premium services tailored to fit the needs and corporate culture of our clients. We collaborate with our clients by working with their preferences to create the right service to exceed their expectations.

Azul provides cleaning and waste management services, consumables and washroom services, pest control, grounds maintenance and landscaping, catering, reception and front of house management, security, and building, mechanical and electrical maintenance. We deliver a totally integrated facilities management packageof the highest possible quality.


We make sure your buildings and facilities operate at maximum efficiency and are maintained to the highest standards. Just like our soft services, our hard services can be provided as a facility management service or as an integrated part of your own internal maintenance service.



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Azul Services is committed to managing your assets and maintaining the investment you have made in your buildings. Our highly qualified engineers have the skills and expertise to carry out installation, repairs and ongoing building maintenance in your facility. You can count on Azul Services to make your buildings safe and comfortable.Due to our versatility and technical expertise we can be your exclusive building maintenance provider.

We offer both planned preventive maintenance and responsive maintenance. The planned preventive maintenance is a schedule of planned maintenance operations aimed at the prevention of breakdown and failures. Our responsive maintenance ensures that our clients receive rapid and cost-effective professional service on demand.

Our services are:

  • Health and safety
  • Compliance works
  • Surveys and inspections
  • Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Roof repairs, door and lock repairs, glazing repairs, stair repairs and ceiling tiles
  • Carpentry work
  • Redecoration
  • Mechanical and Electrical
  • Lighting
  • Cooling system
  • Air conditioning
  • Fire extinguishers, fire and intruders systems
  • Heavy-duty generators
  • Maintenance of transformers
  • Water treatment
  • Lift and escalators
  • Minor works and projects
  • Round the clock dedicated reactive maintenance helpdesk

    Our soft services can be delivered to our clients as a total facility management package, as a single service or as a bundled service, all depending on the unique demands of a specific working environment.



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    Azul Services understands how much effort and money you invest in your facility and workplace, so it's crucial we take genuine pride in keeping your facility as clean and pristine as if it were our own. We provide high quality cleaning services with high environmental standards, which results in a clean, hygienic work place for your employees and an inviting welcome for your visitors.

    Government and commercial offices, shopping malls, estates and luxury apartments, schools, hospitals, industrial plants, restaurants, warehouses, leisure centers all can expect a flexible approach from a strategic service provider.


  • Post construction/Moving-in cleaning
  • Deploying of janitorial cleaning staff
  • Road sweeping, litter removal and street beautification
  • Glazing and window cleaning
  • Building exterior cleaning, including rise fa├žades
  • Periodic specialized cleaning
  • Steam cleaning of upholstery, carpets, blinds and rugs
  • Carpet shampooing and steam cleaning
  • Furniture shampooing
  • Marble, metal and glass maintenance
  • Commercial and office cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • End of tenancy cleaning
  • Hard floor maintenance
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Healthcare, sterile and clean room maintenance
  • Drainage cleaning and maintenance


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    At Azul we provide a catering service that adds a special touch to your workplace and facility. Our catering is balanced, fresh, healthy, competitively priced and can meet any nutritional and dietary standard.
    We offer a quality service that keeps your staff, visitors and customers happy. We provide catering services to restaurants, schools, retail malls, vending machines, conferences and meetings.



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    Azul Services provides five-star reception and proactive concierge and hospitality service for your workplace and facility. We leave a lasting impression on your visitors with our courteous and welcoming attitude,helping to enhance your brand. We engage your visitors and make them feel at home.

    Our portering service helps move heavy items from one location to another. We offer our porter service to airports, malls, apartments, warehouses and other places of business requiring the moving of heavy or bulky items.



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    Our security service strikes the right balance between keeping your premises secure and offering a great welcome to your visitors. In the front of house and reception areas we make sure that the security presence is part of the welcoming process. We also deploy discrete and professional guards around your workplace to assure people that their safety is guaranteed.


  • Our security services include security personnel
  • front of house and reception personnel
  • crowd and event monitoring
  • twenty-fourhour patrol service
  • car park and key holding services
  • delivery and loading bay assistance
  • installation and monitoring of closed circuit television equipment and control rooms
  • electric fences
  • electronic access control
  • attendance monitoring devices and alarm systems.
  • Technical partner: VAULT SECURITY



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    Unexpectedly running out of stock is embarrassing and can have a negative impact on your brand and your reputation. At Azul Services we monitor your consumables and provide a diverse range of high quality stock to ensure your facilities are fully stocked at all times.


  • Cleaning, janitorial and paper products
  • Air fresheners
  • Soap and detergents
  • Cloths and wipes
  • First aid kits
  • Supplies


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    We offer grounds maintenance and landscaping services for your facility, keeping your environment beautiful and attractive. The first impression your grounds and exterior make says a lot about your business and brand. Working together with your organization, we will deliver a landscaping that is ideally suited to your brand. We make sure that your grounds and lawns are neat and trim, so that they will always impress your staff, astonish your visitors and even attract new customers. Our interior landscaping, including natural and artificial plants and displays, will provide a visually attractive atmosphere for your employees and guests, adding a positive psychological feeling to your workplace.



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    Azul offers periodic fumigation and pest control services in order to eliminate rodents, pests and odor. We use humane and environmentally friendly products and techniques toeliminate damage. Our services include rodent monitoring and control to avoid infestation, damage and health risks,as well as post-construction, moving-in, quarterly and periodic fumigation.



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    Every workplace has washrooms and keeping them clean and hygienic is very important. Our washroom professionals are trained to the highest standard of efficiency and cleanliness to guarantee a cost effective solution for large and small washrooms. We know how important it is to build a positive reputation and that every detail, no matter how small,can be crucial. Our staff makes sure your washrooms look good, stay clean and minimize any health risks.


  • Hand care
  • Soap dispensers
  • Paper towels and hand dryers
  • Sanitary disposal for feminine hygiene products
  • Baby change units and customized sanitizing solutions


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    Regular, efficient waste collection is a fundamental requirement for a healthy, hygienic community. Disposing of waste in an environment-friendly manner is crucial and our experts assess your needs and develop the right disposal solution for you. Regardless of your size or industry, we can create a custom waste pick-up program that meets your needs and helps all of us protect the environment.

    We take responsibility for keeping your facility clean and healthy and our staff develops strong relationships with our clients and the larger community. Our services employ the best available technologies in the industry.
    We provide competitive waste management services for materials in your facility by working closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and create a tailored solution.

    Our waste management services include:

  • Waste collection
  • Recycling
  • Supply of waste bins
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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